What is the essence of goodness?

The kingdom of Tiroth has always stood for goodness. Its founder, King Thoros I, bravely carved his kingdom out of the wilderness to serve as a light in the darkness. After ruling wisely and justly for thirty years, he abdicated in favor of his son and took clerical vows, spending the rest of his life in prayer and service.

Though the government of Tiroth remains strictly secular, it has always been a haven for various churches of good aligned gods. Not to say the kingdom is without crime or wrongdoing—after all, it’s full of people—but as a whole, the people of Tiroth believe in the power and virtue of good.

In modern days, Tiroth finds itself in a difficult position. Increasing incursions by orcs no longer only threaten the peasants of the border villages, but now the territorial sanctity of the kingdom itself. The army of Tiroth has been mobilized to face this new threat and the kingdom braces for the coming of war.

It is a time and a place for the making of heroes. Who will step forward to champion good?

Good Behavior

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